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About us

Stop Domestic Violence: Monaco provides assistance to victims

This joint initiative launched by GenderHopes and Femmes Leaders Mondiales Monaco (FLMM) aims to inform victims, stakeholders and the general population about the options available for victims of domestic violence in Monaco.

Monaco has always been proactive in providing assistance and the aim of this website is to be a resource-center and to centralize all relevant information so that victims can receive assistance as quickly as possible and tailored to their needs.


GenderHopes is a Monaco-based non-profit organization, founded by Vibeke Brask Thomsen and registered in 2011. It aims to combat gender-based violence and discrimination by raising awareness, informing policy-makers and the general public and by highlighting negative stereotypes that promote gender-based violence and discrimination.

GenderHopes works at the local and international level. Within Monaco, it has conducted a research project on domestic violence, with the aim of creating an information and prevention campaign, including this website.

On the international level, GenderHopes is working on the Election Monitoring and Political Participation in Africa project for the London-based NGO Make Every Woman Count. GenderHopes is also working to end trafficking and forced prostitution and is currently developing various projects in Africa to support the education of girls.

Finally, GenderHopes produces articles to raise awareness of gender-based violence. It is also a resource centre on gender-based violence and discrimination and provides information notably on international conventions, including the CEDAW and UNSCR 1325, 1820, 1888, 1889, 1960 and 2106.

For more information, please visit www.genderhopes.org

Femmes Leaders Mondiales Monaco (FLMM)

FLMM was created in 2010. Its founder Hilde Haneuse is the President of the association, which currently counts 72 members internationally.

The main objective of the association is to diminish inequalities between men and women, in cooperation with men and not against them. FLMM works towards: concrete equality to defend the place of women in all spheres of public life, a thorough change in behaviors, an appropriate education for children and professional activity for women, recognized by society.

FLMM’s aim is also to share the experiences of women from various backgrounds to help other women, and to this end, FLMM has also created a mentoring scheme.

For more information, please visit http://www.femmesleadersmonaco.com/