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Amy’s story

Posted On November 5, 2013
My children and I lived in an abusive situation for years here, far away from my family. I was afraid to tell anyone because he constantly threatened that I would lose the children and be ‘destitute’ (his word) should I leave the marriage.  On the outside, we were the perfect family and I somehow felt the need to protect this image. Mostly inside though, I felt shame and guilt, and I constantly made excuses for his behaviour. I was also extremely scared as I didn’t speak French well nor understand my rights here.
One day though I had to make a choice – stay and let my children and I be destroyed, or stand up and risk the unknown. I was scared but morally strong.
What I found in the unknown, to my surprise, was support. From friends, school teachers, social services, and the justice system. People who wanted to help us. Kind, family people. He is no longer above me. He no longer makes and manipulates the rules. The court does. The children and I are now protected.
If I can get out, anyone can! No matter how bad or scary it may seem, if you are being abused, there are people who will help you.


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