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Domestic violence is punishable under Monaco law. In June 2011, the Conseil National adopted a law (Loi 1382) which strongly condemns such violence and ensures punishment for perpetrators of domestic violence. The law covers married individuals but also couples living together without being married.

Monaco has a network to support individuals confronted to domestic violence: the police, social services, family mediator and social workers are there to assist you.

Here is a summary of your options:


The Police are located on 9 rue Suffren-Reymond (on the port, behind the Casino supermarket). Their phone number is +377 93 15 30 15.

A social worker specialized on domestic violence works at the Police during weekdays. At other times, an agent is always available to take your complaint.

You can either fill a “main courante”, which has no legal value, but constitutes a record of what happened to you. The police will not follow up on it but will keep it and it can, in some cases, be used in court.

You can also fill a “plainte” (formal complaint). The police will launch an inquiry into what is happening and might contact the perpetrator.

If French is not your native language, you have the right to ask for a translator who will assist you through the procedure.

Hospital (Hopital Princesse Grace)

The hospital is located on 1 Avenue Pasteur (bus 5 goes there directly).

Their phone number is +377 97 98 99 00 and the phone number to the emergency services is +377 97 98 97 69.

A social worker is also at the hospital and you can ask to speak to her.

Social workers

There are three specialised social workers who are available to assist you and provide some advice. You can find there details and phone numbers here.

Social services (DASS)

The social services (known in Monaco as the DASO, Division Action Sociale) are located on 23, avenue Prince Albert II (in the Carrefour alleyway, on the 3rd floor, use the lifts by the pharmacy). Their phone number is +377 98 98 82 55

A specialized social worker is available to meet with you, during opening hours, from 9.30am to 5pm. Outside of those hours, you can make an appointment with a social worker. You can find their contact details here.

A psychologist is also available to meet with you, by appointment.

The social worker will inform you of your rights, will be able to evaluate your situation and will offer some support possibilities, depending on your situation: in case of emergency, housing can be offered; financial support; assistance in finding a job as well as family mediation.

Depending on your situation, protection measures can be put in place to protect a child from the violence that s/he is witnessing.


A number of lawyers can assist you in Monaco. The list and contact numbers are coming soon.